Next Exhibition 13.3.-5.4.2008 (yksityisnäyttely)
Keskus Galleria
Kyttälänkatu 11 33100 TAMPERE, FINLAND
Tu-Fri 12-17.30, Sat 10-15.30
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The minimalist power and charm of Tervo's art are easily sensed in his exhibitions. On occasion he paints to order sceneries that carry special meaning to the client. "The scenery can be anywhere in the world, but it's always essential that I can find a contact with it, that I find its mood," the artist says. He also paints still life and portraits.

Lauri Tervo was born in Lahti in 1982. Several private and joint exhibitions. His art is sold in many galleries in Finland. He also has representation in the U.S.

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